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Are ghd hair straightners really worth it?

I’ve never owned a pair of high end hair straighteners before. The most I had ever spent on a pair of hair straighteners was some £30 Remington ones a few years ago.

So, after always wanting a pair I finally decided now was the time to invest in a pair of ghd’s.

Today I put them to their test after washing my hair yesterday evening I wanted to give them a try and see if there really was any difference between my £30 budget ones.I purchased the ghd V Gold Max Styler for £115 (currently on offer) as I have very thick hair so I thought the wide plates would be good for me.

Some instant features I liked about them compared to my budget ones were:

Although the plates are wider the hair straightener is still very light to hold.

-The switch on the hair straightener has a light with ‘ghd’ on making it look a bit snazzy!

-They beep when its ready to use – and very quickly too! Only took about 20 seconds.

Some other points I noticed whilst straightening my hair (compared to my cheaper ones):

– There was not any static from my hair and they seemed to smooth my hair rather than causing frizz.

– I didn’t have to re-run the straightener over my hair to get it straight (possibly causing less damage?) 

– My hair felt smoother and less frizzy throughout the day leaving it more manageable. 

The only downfall about them is the price.

They are more of a high-end purchase but then if they last several years then they are definitely a worthwhile investment.

Sarah Richelle X

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