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Kat Von D Beauty

Where to start?

I am absolutely in love with this brand (I mean I guess a person can also be called a brand?) and the products for so many reasons so I thought it would only be right for me share them and spread the love!

I was lucky enough to be selected to try two products from the Kat Von D beauty range as part of the Glamour Beauty Club. I had wanted to try them for ages but I could never afford to and didn’t  feel myself worthy enough to splash out on them.

Walking past the Debenhams beauty stand with all the amazing shades of lip sticks, liners and eyeshadow with Kat’s edgy design all over it I just knew this was the beauty range for me though.

In case you didn’t know who Kat Von D is, she is actually more well-known as an American tattoo artist, model and musician. Her beauty range launched in 2008 in Sephora and then amazingly in 2016 she made all her products Vegan which for me was an even bigger, if not the biggest reason to love them!!

As I’m not really into (or look like) the classic ‘beauty queen’ and generally have been known to be more of an alternative misfit throughout my teen years I guess I still crave to show who I am in the products I use and love and I feel that having Kat Von D as the Queen of this brand and creator has really helped its success and for people (like me) to feel connected to.

I was reading the bio on her beauty range I think she sums the brand up perfectly…

“We are bold, unapologetic, outspoken and different in our own way. We are artists, poets and lovers. We are the outsiders and the insiders.”


So what did I think of the products? 

The lipstick I was sent was in the shade Mercy and its this perfect deep berry colour which is perfect for these winter months.
Can we also just appreciate the rock chic casing please -> studded and black = 10/10!!


I loved that it didn’t feel or look shiny and created more of a matt/velvety look without being too overpowering. It also seemed to last throughout most of the day too which was awesome.

Oh and its also VEGAN obviously!

I was also sent the Tattoo Liner ‘Trooper’  which is another essential and was so happy with it. If you like the ‘Kat’ eye look (see what I did there, hah) then this is a must.


I’m not kidding but it lasted all day and didn’t smudge a bit! Its beauty must from now on for me!

And again its VEGAN so what’s not to love 🙂

If I could only choose one brand of make up I had to use forever it would be Kat Von D – 100% Cruelty Free Forever!



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