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The ‘blogger coat’ and other winter essentials

I feel like throughout Winter this year there are some things which you will probably see me wearing almost every day for two very good reasons:

1.) It’s cold

2.) They are comfy but also look stylish!

One of these things is what I like to call the ‘blogger coat’ or which also may be referred to as an ‘Aviator jacket’. The reason for me naming it the ‘blogger coat’ is because I have seen a few Bloggers and Vloggers rocking this look of jacket including Zoella, Poppy Deyes and Brogan Tate.

I have always been a fan of leather (faux of course) jackets especially when they are oversized and warm. There is nothing worse than having a jumper bigger than the coat you are wearing underneath and then trying to squeeze your arms through this!

I took advantage of the 20% off everything day Asos had the other week and ordered this jacket from there but is actually a Misguided piece. Its £60 if you buy it now but I got it for £48 with the discount and it was just what I was looking for.




My second Winter essential is big cosy knit jumpers like this one I got from Next which is £24. I love that its baggy and has a higher neck, its perfect for comfy days.


My other winter essential is a bobble hat like this one from Primark for just £3. What’s not to love about a pom pom on the top your head that also keeps you warm?!


What Winter styles are you rocking this year?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Richelle X

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