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The Pip Box – Cruelty free & Vegan

The Pip Box is a cruelty free and vegan subscription box which offers you the chance to try some great beauty alternatives and feel good about it as they donate 50p of the purchase to animal charities!

I was really excited to hear about this box as I am a big animal lover so always on the lookout to discover new products which are cruelty free and also vegan! I decided to buy the December box as a little Christmas treat for myself and here is what I got…

1.)  Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body lotion (RRP £3.99)

So, it’s only a tiny bottle and will not probably last me two or three days as a body lotion but its a great sample to try or to keep in your handbag and use as a hand cream. It kind of smells like orange juice and it reminds me of the summer!

2.) Bloomtown Berry Tinted Lip Balm (RRP £4.95)

This was my favourite item and I am so happy with this product! It smells like a bag of sweets and also love that its made with cocoa butter as it’s just what your lips need in the Winter months. I didn’t find it that tinted if I’m honest but it’s still a great lip balm and has so many other good points!

3.) Freya Luna Facial Steam – Shed your Skin (RRP £3)

I haven’t tried anything like this before so I am interested to give this one a go. I think it’s definitely also a good product to use in Winter as its supposed to combat dryness and stimulate the production of natural oils so it could be a new thing…I will keep you posted if I find it any good!

4.) Benecos Eyeshadow – Rose Quartz (RRP £4.95)

A lovely dusky pink colour eyeshadow which is something I will be definitely getting my use out of all year around. It also contains macadamia and sunflower oil so leaves your lids silky smooth!


5.) Tisserand Aromatherapy Rose & Geranium Leaf Bath Soak (RRP £7.95) 

Another useful and much needed product and full sized too! This aromatherapy bath soak smells so good and has extracts of pomegranate and grapeseed which protects the skin. It’s100% natural so no nasty’s 🙂

6.) As an extra special treat for December The Pip Box also sent this yummy bar of Raven Coconut Chocolate Bar (RRP £1.95) I mean its dairy free, vegan, natural CHOCOLATE! What’s not to love?


In total the RRP of the contents of this box is worth £26.79 and I got it for £13.50 (First box offer using code SAVE10) + £3.35 shipping! I think that’s pretty good considering you are also donating 50p to Animal Friendly Charities by purchasing it 🙂

Does anyone else know of any Vegan or Animal Friendly subscription boxes worth checking out?


Sarah Richelle X


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