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Inside the Worlds biggest Primark

A few weeks ago I visited the Worlds biggest Primark which I am happy to say is now in my home town of Birmingham, England. To be honest there is not a lot of things…

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Receiving a mystery parcel…

The other week I received one of those red slip ‘missed delivery’ cards through my post box and I hadn’t the faintest idea of what it was. I went to the post office to collect…

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My first blogger event & Blogger photography tips!

I was invited to my first blogger event this week with Viking which I have to admit I felt a little out of my depth in attending since I was among some amazing bloggers so…

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Is it me or anxiety?

Anxiety and depression are real illnesses although I think it can often be difficult to know what is the illness and what is actually normal thinking. Especially when you are in the depths of it.…

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I’ve always been quite spiritual and fairly superstitious when it comes to old wives tales and myths. I was de-cluttering my old things recently and discovered my pouch of crystals which I carried with me…

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