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My first blogger event & Blogger photography tips!

I was invited to my first blogger event this week with Viking which I have to admit I felt a little out of my depth in attending since I was among some amazing bloggers so I couldn’t quite understand why I was there!
I was thrilled to receive the invite and the event itself ‘A photography masterclass’ sounded just what I needed to build my confidence in the world of blogging and photography.

The event was at Dirty Martini in Birmingham which is a very fancy cocktail bar. We had a room on first floor which was set up with round tables and laid out with Christmas crackers, plates and pretty confetti scattered among the cutlery. It looked like we were all about to sit down to have Christmas dinner but we soon learnt that these would be the ‘props’ for the photography workshop.

Dirty Martini, Birmingham


We all gathered around a TV screen for a presentation by Elouisa Georgiou where she gave us some very useful tips for taking the perfect photos (which of course I am going to share with you below!)

Tips and Tricks: 

  • To capture movement you will need to shoot at a lower shutter speed which will most likely create a blur. If you shoot at a higher shutter speed then your image may be darker as less light is being let into the camera. Most images are captured at a shutter speed of 1/60 or above and anything lower is best to use with a tripod.

  • ISO is basically the sensitivity of the camera sensor to the light. So the higher the ISO then the more light your camera will pick up which is perfect for darker settings (like at this event!) If you want to create grainier effects to your photos then its best to shoot at the lowest ISO (this image is shot with an ISO of 1600).

    Dirty Martini, Birmingham

  • Aperture (the f-stop) –This is what you need to change if you want to focus on a subject but create a background blur. So to make a blurred background you need to have a lower f-stop (e.g. F/1.2).

We were also given tips on lighting using props such as prisms, foam boards and wine glasses to make reflections for a different effect. The lights we used looked like light sabers and I had to laugh a bit at these…


After the presentation we split into small groups and got to work on capturing some Christmas themed images using the props and practiced taking photos from 3 different angles; the flat lay, straight on and 45’ angles which were judged by Elousia and the winner got a free printer!

This was my image which I thought could be used as a banner image for blog posts or a website (which is exactly how I have used it!)

I didn’t win but I still had fun and what’s even better than winning a printer is actually learning new skills and meeting new people so I went away winning anyway.

Thank you to Viking for the invite and keep an eye out on my future posts to as I will definitely trying out some of these photography tips!

Sarah Richelle X

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