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My new home – Before and After photos!

As you may know I have recently moved out of the comfort of my childhood home and brought my very own house! It took me 6 months from the day I got the keys before finally moving in. A lot of people kept asking me ‘When are you moving in?‘ during this time and I would tell them that it needed a lot of work done and I wanted to make it feel like mine before laying my hat down! I was lucky that I could stay with my Mum whilst I had the work going on as I know lots of people who move don’t get this opportunity.

So for my benefit and to put everyone’s curiosity to rest, I have uploaded some before and after photos of what the house was like when it was first listed to how I have chosen to decorate it.  Enjoy!


BEFORE (their lounge)

Could not wait to get rid of those shelves!

AFTER (my lounge)

I created more storage space underneath the stairs.


No more shelves yippee! (Images are prints from and Frames are from Ikea and eBay)

BEFORE (their bedroom)

They really liked the colour blue…

This was the bulk head of the stairs in the bedroom

  AFTER (My bedroom)

Can you guess my favorite colour though?

I utilised the wasted space above the stairs to create a huge wardrobe!

BEFORE (their bathroom)

AFTER (my bathroom) 



Little touches – These are actually stick on tiles which I brought off Amazon!

I love my little Ivy planter from Sass & Belle.

BEFORE (their kitchen)

This was the first thing to come out – you have no idea how greasy it was!

AFTER (My kitchen!)

In love with my Ikea kitchen <3

Little mementos to myself from Mrs Potts

Love this little glass cupboard with Chip on display

BEFORE (their garden)

AFTER (Belle and Prince’s garden!)

Belle and Prince enjoying their new home 🙂


I also have another room/office which I am still working on and will post a before and after photo of this too when its finished. I am also stick working on adding more art prints to my bedroom and tidying up the garden but I feel content that I have finally made it feel like mine.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah Richelle X

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