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The Kensington London – Beauty and The Beast Afternoon tea

‘Tale as old as time afternoon tea’

This had been fully booked for so long so I was amazed to get a reservation after emailing them asking if they had 3 spaces because it was my birthday (cheeky I know). They got back to me the next day and confirmed they could fit us in at 2pm on 30th June.

I decided to make a special effort since it was The Kensington after all and I wanted to show my appreciation of Beauty and The Beast by wearing a yellow dress. – if you can’t dress like Princess Belle on your Birthday then when can you?!

When we arrived at the hotel lobby the reception knew straight away that we were there for the afternoon tea and pointed us directly to the Town House restaurant through the hotel. I wondered how they knew – maybe we didn’t look like guests (not posh enough) or maybe it was the yellow dress?!

We walked to the restaurant entrance and was greeted pleasantly by a waitress and told to take a seat on some luxurious sofas next to a winding staircase. The décor was just beautiful and felt like an old library (just like the movie).

When we were told we could go through we were led to a table directly in the middle of the restaurant and the waiters pulled out our seats and to my surprise asked me if I had borrowed Belle’s dress! I was so impressed he noticed and it made me smile. I was also amazed at the effort they had also gone to write me card and left this on the table as I sat down.

We were given menu’s although we just told the waitress that we were all vegetarian and was happy with English Breakfast Tea and that was that. I believe there was an option to try more rare teas if you preferred.

The staff were so friendly, I was honestly surprised by this as I thought they might be snobby or pretentious but they were all just lovely. The waitress was talking to my Mum about how long we had been vegetarians and even talked about the Beauty and The Beast merchandise in Primark, it really put me at ease.

We weren’t expecting a starter as such but when it arrived it was delicious. We had a small pastry (‘cheese soufflé’) Quinoa with pomegranate on a piece of lettuce and pea humus on a small piece of French toast.

Then it was time for the real treats. Two three-tier platters arrived along with a Cogsworth, Lumiere and a Mrs Potts tea-pot (with cream in for the desert). The bottom platter was French inspired Sweet Brioche Baguettes with apricot preserve and chocolate pots to dip. They tasted like croissants and were just lovely.

Then there were the sandwiches cut into little fingers with the crusts removed like the Queen.

The top-tier was amazing – a little dome of Vanilla & Gold Jelly with a rose petal in, Cogsworth chocolate ganache, a coconut and chocolate macaroon (like a snowball) and a tiny Chip mug containing a white chocolate dessert topped with whipped cream. I couldn’t finish the deserts so the waitress brought over a little take home box – perfect!

To my horror, little did I know my Mum had asked them to light a candle on one of the cakes for me and they brought it out singing. It really was special. They actually made me up a separate plate with a small piece of cake, a macaroon, strawberries and chocolate writing saying ‘happy birthday’ on it. In the words of Lumiere they really did put their service to the test and treated us like royal guests.

I loved every moment of the afternoon tea and it will definitely be an experience to remember. If there was one thing that could be done to add more atmosphere to the theme I would suggest maybe playing the Beauty and The Beast soundtrack in the background as the music they played was classic but very quiet.

Overall I loved it and even though it’s pricey from £42 each I would recommend it if you’re a Beauty and The Beast fan and I would love to thank The Kensington staff for having me on my birthday!There is limited availability to book now over on their website 

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Thanks for reading.

Sarah Richelle X 

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