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Turning 30 and how to be content with getting older

How did this happen?! I never saw myself reaching or ever imagined myself becoming a 30-year-old woman.

When people say that life is short they really do mean it.

As I enter a new decade I feel like the greatest lesson I learnt from my 20’s is just this; time doesn’t stop for anyone. That 80-year-old man you see in the supermarket probably still feels like he’s 18 inside which is what I feel like.

Before my birthday, I didn’t want to turn 30 and I am sure many of you can relate to this as you get older. Maybe it was that I didn’t to look older – yes – but I realised it was much more than that.

I have realised that the reason I didn’t want to turn 30 was nothing to do with vanity or status. It was because I was scared of life passing me by without me having achieved the things I want to do before I become physically or mentally unable to do so. I also don’t feel content with life as it is and I am afraid that this will be it for me.

Not many people probably do get to the point where they are content and happy with their lot but when you’re heading towards a milestone age I guess it really does put things into perspective.

So what is missing and how can we make sure that when you reach a certain age you are entering it with pride and acceptance in knowing that you have made the most out of your time?

My goals for my next milestone age is to have achieved the following to ensure I enter that next chapter of my life with contentment….

  • Experience relationships – the good and the bad. ‘It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.’
  • Travel more – Go places, do things and meet new people. Cultures and people change your perspective on everyday things we may take for granted.
  • Be career happy – Get a job you are happy (or relatively content) in doing. Everyone needs money to pay the bills but if you are just existing to do this then it’s not a life. My own goal is to get a job that I feel rewards me mentally and financially for the efforts I put in.
  • Care less what people think – Dress how you want when you want. That means wearing a dress or mini skirt to the supermarket if you feel like it. You are only young once and when you are in your 40’s/50’S you might regret not flaunting your youth when you had the chance!


If you are about to have a big birthday I hope that these will help you start to think about the things you want to do or have achieved so far so that getting older seems less daunting!

Thanks for reading!

Sarah Richelle X

Me on my 30th birthday at the Kensington Hotel, London.

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