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What gifts I got for my 30th Birthday

This is a post mainly for myself as I would like to look back on this in years to come when I probably would have forgotten all the amazing things my family spoilt me with on my birthday. It’s not about boasting as I never asked for anything and would have been happy with a nice card, but I wanted to show appreciation and acknowledge the thoughts behind the gifts, big or small.

So this is what my lovely family got for my 30th!

DAB Mini Retro digital radio. Look how cute this is! I love it and it even has Bluetooth on so I can listen to songs from my phone. I just love that I can take it everywhere as its so mini and cool looking. Thank you Mum!


 Disney Couture Beauty and The Beast bangle.  Since I celebrated my birthday by visiting The Kensington’s Beauty and The Beast themed afternoon tea (see here) the bangle was so fitting and is a perfect reminder of what a special day it was. My Mum also kindly paid for the afternoon tea  for me on my birthday too and experiences like that mean more than anything.

A coaster, a pin and a little hanging decoration of a fairy. Cute bits and pieces!


The Minimalists – Everything that Remains book. I love their podcast and I really wanted to read their book. Its teaching me a lot about ‘stuff’ and ‘things’ you think you need or keep which do not add any value to your life and how to let go them.

A One cup coffee machine. Perfect for me since I live alone and don’t need to make a big jug. I also love coffee!

A bunny shaped alarm clock. 

A rabbit frame and woodland themed coat/jewellery hooks 

Pyjamas – anyone else always get new pyjamas at Christmas and birthdays? Maybe its just my Mum I do love her ways!

I also got gifted some money from family and friends which is always helpful when you have a house to run by yourself so whilst in London I went to Urban Outfitters and decided to buy this cute little Cactus plant which I am hoping will live as long as me – I love it 🙂

And of course I had some pretty cards which I love reading and knowing someone went out their way to write me something personally.

Thank you to everyone who got me something for my birthday even if it was only a card it’s just really nice to be thought about.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah Richelle X 

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