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Working from home

If you use a computer for your job, chances are you could probably work from home.
Not only does this save money for your employer as they don’t have to fork out on expansive office space, desks and catering facilities but it also means they could generally get the most out of you.
However, there are advantages and disadvantages to working from home and not everyone is cut out for it. So, from my experiences I have decided to list these for anyone considering this:


  • You can wake up later. Whilst everyone else gets up at 6am to get ready for their commute into work you can stroll out of bed at 8am and turn on your computer in your PJ’s with a cup of coffee and yet still be early.
  • Save money on commuting.
  • More time to socialise – because you don’t have to get up as early you can stay up later meaning more time in the evenings.
  • Be your own boss. You still may have to work or report to someone but as long as you get the work done you can work at your own pace and get up and put the washing machine on if you want to!
  • Comfy clothes – no need to dress up. Stay in your slippers and PJ’s all day if you want to!
  • Get more done – If you’re like me then you get more done when you haven’t got people around distracting you.
  • Lunch break opportunities – Do chores or go to the shop – More time to do stuff since you can just eat when you’re at your computer anyway.

    THE BAD:

  • Social isolation – You can go a whole day without human contact. So you may be behind a computer talking with people but you don’t actually speak to anyone face to face all day unless the post man knocks your door!
  • Separating home from work life can be hard – you have been in all day working but when you have finished work where do you go? Urr…home?
  • Problem solving – If you’re stuck on something there’s no one around to ask questions or bounce ideas off.
  • Working on sick days – gone are the days you would spend at home watching day time TV or sleeping when your ill. Turn that laptop on whilst you’re in bed you’re not infecting anyone!

I am sure that some of the above may more significant to you than others and if working from home is something you are considering I would ask yourself what is the most thing about going to work and if its money then I would say go for it but if its something else then maybe it could work for you…(mind the pun!)
Thanks for reading,

Sarah Richelle X

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