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I’ve always been quite spiritual and fairly superstitious when it comes to old wives tales and myths. I was de-cluttering my old things recently and discovered my pouch of crystals which I carried with me…

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What gifts I got for my 30th Birthday

This is a post mainly for myself as I would like to look back on this in years to come when I probably would have forgotten all the amazing things my family spoilt me with…

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A conversation with a stranger

I wasn’t going to post this but I think it raised so many questions inside that I just had to share in hope I will find the answer somehow. Last weekend it was just a…

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The Kensington London – Beauty and The Beast Afternoon tea

‘Tale as old as time afternoon tea’ This had been fully booked for so long so I was amazed to get a reservation after emailing them asking if they had 3 spaces because it was…

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Turning 30 and how to be content with getting older

How did this happen?! I never saw myself reaching or ever imagined myself becoming a 30-year-old woman. When people say that life is short they really do mean it. As I enter a new decade…

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