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Kat Von D Beauty

Where to start? I am absolutely in love with this brand (I mean I guess a person can also be called a brand?) and the products for so many reasons so I thought it would…

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3 Things not to say & 3 things you should say to someone with a mental illness

I wanted to create this post because after experiencing mental illness myself I know how it feels when someone (unbeknown to them) says something so blasé yet it can actually cause more harm than good…

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The ‘blogger coat’ and other winter essentials

I feel like throughout Winter this year there are some things which you will probably see me wearing almost every day for two very good reasons: 1.) It’s cold 2.) They are comfy but also…

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How to buy a house in 12 steps

One of the biggest accomplishments and milestones you can experience in life is becoming a home owner. I am 29 and last week I finally got the keys to my very first house. In the…

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Why its important to be yourself in the blogging community

I was watching a vlog the other day by Emma (brummymummyof2) and she was explaining that she often gets comments on her vlogs or photo’s from other people claiming that she was trying to be like…

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