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Rome in 3 Days | Using the OMNIA Card

Back in June I visited Rome and the Vatican City for a 3 day trip with my Mother and Sister.

We had never been before so were keen to fit in and explore all the touristy spots including the Coliseum, Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountains and St. Peters Basilica. As we were on a tight time schedule we wanted to make sure we had a plan in place before we went so we would not have to worry about getting around the city when we were there.

After doing some research we each decided to purchase the OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card as we thought this would save us both money and time.

How we was wrong.

It cost about £100 for the pass and states it includes all public transport and entry to 2 of the top sights including the Vatican City.

From the airport (Rome Flumicino) the pass doesn’t actually include transport to the city and so you have to pay extra (about 8-10 Euros) for a shuttle bus out of the airport. Then you have to get another bus (or train) from the shuttle to get to where you’re going with barely any information on the bus or train shelters.
Altogether we were travelling on public transport for 4 hours from the time we landed at the airport, on a journey which could have been done in 45 minutes by car because of the lack of information provided or available from sings and also people.

The pass did allow us easy entry to the sights and we had no trouble there and did manage to see some of the amazing sites of Rome as you can see.

My advice is if your planning on visiting Rome for short 3 day trip then don’t bother with the OMNIA Card.

There’s plenty of stalls around the City you can get tickets to the main sights when your there and if you are on a tight time schedule it’s much more efficient and cost-effective to just get taxi’s!

Sarah Richelle X 

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