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The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

If you follow my blog you will not that a few weeks ago I visited Iceland for a few days (see this post) and as promised I am going to share my experience of visiting The Blue Lagoon.


We booked to go to Iceland through Tui who did offer the extra trip to The Blue Lagoon but they only had certain time slots available which were not suitable for us so we decided to book direct on The Blue Lagoon’s website and actually found that it worked out cheaper doing it this way.
It was super easy and you can even select transport direct from your hotel (for extra).

There were three packages to choose from; Comfort, Premium and The Retreat Spa. We chose the cheapest package (Comfort) as it was still quite pricey but included everything we wanted anyway. The total cost of the ticket to the blue lagoon including the transport from our hotel was £111 (per person).


I have to admit, visiting the Blue Lagoon was something I was quite anxious about as I am not a fan of wearing swimsuits/bikini’s and I was worried I would be cold since its outdoors and it was freezing cold outside.
However, I am so glad I did it and it worked out to be the best part of my trip to Iceland.

When you arrive you go to the reception desk where they give you your towel (and robe if you selected the Premium package).They also give you a wrist band which works as a key to your locker and payment method when you are in the lagoon and using the bars. The Comfort package includes one free drink and a Silica face mask (you pay for extra drinks or a 2’nd Face mask if you want them).

You have to shower before you go into the lagoon (you DON’T have to do this naked as the website states). After you shower you walk out into an area which is shared with the male’s and this is where you leave your towel or robe. You can then either choose to walk directly outside or if you walk to the left you can walk down a ramp and gradually into the water so you are not exposed to the cold air straight way which is what I did.

The water was like a hot bath and the perfect temperature. My worries of being cold were instantly over.
It was definitely an experience like no other being in that warm water when it was snowing outside. We even got to see a rainbow over the lagoon which was so special.

Rainbow over the Lagoon

You can spend as long as you like in the lagoon and we stayed a few hours before our skin started to get all wrinkly! The water is not very deep so if you’re not very deep so you sort of walk around the water. The deepest part of the lagoon is about 4.7ft.

The in-water bar serves all different drinks from smoothies, beers, soft drinks and wine. I chose a Raspberry flavoured Prosecco.

The mask bars are in the water too and the staff use big spoons to scoop it into your hand and once you’re done you just wash it off in the water.

You can get out and go into the steam rooms or sauna’s if you want a break too which I did once but found that as people kept coming in and out they didn’t stay very warm.

After we left the lagoon you can go back the same way you came in and collect your towel (if you can remember which hook you put it on) and then back to the changing rooms.

The showers have conditioner and shampoo in for you to use if you didn’t bring any.

My tips for visiting The Blue Lagoon:

-Bring an extra towel – You get one towel but when you enter the lagoon this gets hung with everyone else’s and so it’s difficult to know which is yours when you come out. I also used an extra towel for afterwards as I washed my hair.

-Wear conditioner in your hair – the water has high levels of silica which can dry out your hair and make it stiff so it’s best to apply conditioner before you enter the water.

– Enter the lagoon on the Left side (down the ramp) so you are not exposed to the directly to the outdoors wearing only your swimsuit!

– Buy one of these waterproof cases for your phone so you can take photos. We actually didn’t have one but my Mum go chatting to a nice couple who gave us one and without it we wouldn’t have got the photos!

Overall, I highly recommend visiting The Blue Lagoon if you get the chance. It is quite pricey but its an experience like no other and you only live once 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Sarah Richelle x

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