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Being kind to myself

I don’t often ‘treat myself’ to luxury items of clothing, jewellery or meals out . Most of my clothes either come from Primark or other high street retailers and I tend to usually only get them when there on sale anyway.
Most people would say that I was tight but honestly, it’s not that as I love buying things for other people and all too often have gone overboard at Christmas buying  gifts for other people! I just have this thing about money and spending it on myself as I don’t feel like I deserve it. Its something I’m getting better at since I have just purchased a house and  literally have no choice but to  spend money at the minute to make and build a home to live in for me and my bunnies.

On New Years Eve this year I actually worked rather than ‘celebrate’ the minute leading up to midnight 2018. I didn’t have to but I asked to because a) I am really not a fan of the new year hype and think its pointless and b) I’d rather be around happy people than be sitting at home alone watching Jools Holland. I guess that’s the only good thing about  New Years Eve If you do go out or work as most people are generally in a good and happy mood.

So whilst I stood outside in the freezing cold and rain on December 31st 2017 for 4 hours  scanning people’s tickets into a club I earned a grand total of £38.71!
Worth it? Probably not since I then got a cold for 2 week afterwards *sigh*

Anyway. I decided to start the New Year by being kind to myself and with this money I earnt I purchased something I have wanted and admired on others for a long time. A Missoma pendant.
I already had a gold chain so I just purchased the pendant which was £35.10 using a 10% discount code for being subscribed to their newsletter (worth subscribing!)

Look how beautifully it was packaged and sent considering it was such a small item!

I chose the Black Rutilated Quartz Mini Shield Pendant the ‘Stone of intuition’ its supposed to bring strength in all areas of one’s development, stabilise relationships and alleviate emotional and spiritual blockages. Its main properties are ‘LUCK, WEALTH AND BALANCE’.

This seemed perfect for me and just what I need at the moment. I now wear it everyday and love it. I did feel guilty initially for buying this for myself but It worked out to exactly what I earnt on that freezing cold New Years Eve night so I felt that it was a good sentiment and reward to myself for doing this. My aim this year it to be more kind to myself and whilst it’s not easy I think it’s a good place to start before trying to build new relationships which is what I hope to do in the future.

Thanks for reading and remember to ‘be kind to yourself’ now and again 🙂

Sarah Richelle X

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