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Top 3 Budget Beauty Products

Hello everybody!

So for my first beauty post I thought I would keep it simple and share my top 3 budget beauty products which are affordable, practical and in my opinion work as good as some of the more expensive brands out there.

1.) Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

I only started using about one year ago after noticing Zoella (Beauty and Lifestyle Queen!) used it and recommended it one of her vlogs. It provides amazing coverage over dark circles and blemishes and throughout the day.  What’s also great is that it only costs £4-£5 from either Boots or Superdrug.

I wont use any other concealer now so thank you to Zoe for this (doubt she will ever read this)!


2.) £1 Make up Brushes

That’s right – £1 from Poundland! They offer a variety of different application brushes from Foundation, Eyeshadow, Blush to Eyebrow brushes. I use their foundation brushes and blush brush mostly and to me they do the job at blending and applying products as much as any £20 brush would.


3.) Face Cream

So this may technically be 2 products but you still falls under the same group so hey there is no cheating 🙂

I use Simple Light Moisturising Cream for day wear which for me is perfect as it isn’t greasy and doesn’t have any perfumes which often irritate my skin. It provides a perfect light base for make up and only costs between £2-£3 from most high street beauty outlets.

I then use The Body Shop Vitamin E Night cream as a more indulgent treat for my skin as I like my skin to get the treatment it needs overnight whilst my body is doing its thing and replenishing itself for the next day. I find that when I wake up my skin always feels smooth and soft after using this so at £14 (discounts codes usually available online) I think this is worth it.


Let me know what you use and if you have tried any of these products and Id be interesting to hear your experiences!

Thanks for reading!

Sarah Richelle X 



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