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Growing up and getting older is not fun.
But with time and life experiences comes lessons and when I look back on this time last year I am thankful that I have learnt these than to have simply done nothing but allow gravity to take its toll.

One of my dreams growing up was to move out of the City and live by the sea in a beautiful place. I could never understand why someone would want to stay and live in such a grey and, grim city. So, this time last year I took the plunge and moved over 200 miles away on my own with my two rabbits (Belle and Prince) to Cornwall, England.

Fowey, Cornwall, England

However, life happens and things changed inside me leading me to move again back to this grey part of the world 6 months later.


I’ll share with the 3 lessons I have learnt in a year and why I’m glad I took the leap to change my life and follow a dream:

1.) It doesn’t matter where you live. Home is more of a feeling and connection to others that makes it where and what it is.

2.) Money is not everything. I’d rather live in a tiny house somewhere with people I love I love than live in a cold mansion with pretty things around me but have no one to share it with – People are everything.

3.) People will come into your life at different points and periods of change. They might not always stay and you may lose contact eventually  but they will leave a footprint and that footprint can change how you see things whether you notice at the time or not.

You might have read these and thought “Yeah that’s kind of obvious” and it may sound obvious but to truly FEEL and live them is a completely different experience.

If your thinking of taking that trip you always wanted to do, or moving like me to somewhere you always wanted to live – DO IT. It could work out but if it doesn’t you have nothing to lose but you will have learnt so much about yourself in the process.

Sarah Richelle X



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