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I’ve always been quite spiritual and fairly superstitious when it comes to old wives tales and myths.

I was de-cluttering my old things recently and discovered my pouch of crystals which I carried with me in my bag for a good few years. I don’t know why I stopped – I probably just brought a new bag!

Anyway, I thought it was funny as I sort of replaced them with my jewellery and I didn’t even know it.

At the beginning of the year I treated myself (see this blog post) to a Missoma pendant and have worn this every day since. This is a ‘Black Ritualized Crystal’ and promotes strength and growth in all areas of ones development. It also brings luck, wealth and balance to the mind.

I also recently brought the Amethyst pendant as its elements were something I felt I needed at the time (and it was in the sale!) This protects against negative energy and brings intuition and wisdom. I love these two pendants together and wearing them just makes me feel more protected whether they are doing anything or not.

Oh and they also look pretty!

In my pouch of crystals these are the stones I carry and their meanings/elements:

Aventurine (the green triangle shaped one)–  Known as he lucky stone. Encourages wealth, opportunity, growth and releases old habits so new opportunities can take place.

Red Jasper (the burgundy/red one) – Balances the mind, encourages and stimulates, a system cleanser and improves health for overcoming illness.

Citrine (the yellow one) – Attracts wealth, prosperity and success.

Hematite (the shiny grey one) – Protects against physical and emotional attacks. Stone of the mind. Protecting and healing.

Apatite (small green one) – Enhances creativity, increases confidence and promotes positive and clear energy.


Do you carry anything with you for luck or use crystals to create positive energy or maybe just give you that bit of extra confidence?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Richelle X

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