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Is it me or anxiety?

Anxiety and depression are real illnesses although I think it can often be difficult to know what is the illness and what is actually normal thinking. Especially when you are in the depths of it.

Lately, I have questioned my  thoughts, as when there is only your own mind to compare them to – how do you know?

I get thoughts like:

I followed her/him on Instagram but they haven’t followed me back, why don’t they like me?’

‘Why has she/he not liked my post?’

‘What do I say/talk about?’

‘I wonder what they think of me? Did I say the wrong things?  Why did I say that, I’m so stupid‘

‘I hope they don’t think I’m greedy/attention seeking/selfish’

‘No one likes me, I’m not good/smart/fun/creative enough’

‘They probably don’t want me to come anyway’

‘I don’t want to be here anymore, it’s not selfish to die if my life is miserable.’

So when does being ‘OK’ turn into full-blown anxiety and depression?  I feel like my head is about to explode some days with these thoughts but then I take a step back and think everyone gets these thoughts sometimes right? Or maybe I am struggling more than I realise and need some help.

We all need a shoulder to cry on and some love now and then and it’s a reminder that just because you can’t see someone’s pain doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Be kind.

Sarah Richelle x

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