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How I’m dealing with anxiety in work life

Over the last few months I have noticed a change in my way of thinking and I am not sure if this from experience or just because I am getting older, but either way I thought it was important to put my thoughts out there.

I used to get really anxious about work life, doing things right and trying to be perfect. I would look at my managers as being superior or pretty much like aliens thinking I could never do what they do. Lately, I have found myself becoming a lot more relaxed in work life and this has helped not only my anxiety but also my work in general.

The reason behind this is because I have come to realise that no one really knows what the f*ck they are doing.


I mean, we all born into this life not knowing a thing. We learn by doing and from other people. Getting older and realising just how fast life goes, I look back and think everyone is just doing what they can to get by and earn a living and that’s life. When I look at someone in a higher paid job or role than me now, of course I respect them but I don’t think of them as a superior being or feel I have to be like them.
Chances are, they got there by doing the same thing over and over until they got good at it and essentially became an expert. Realising this has made me think that you can actually do anything you want and become anything you want if you work hard enough!

Yes, I get there are some people out there that aren’t good managers and probably got to where they are by kissing ass or because their Dad is your Dad’s best friend or something. But, if you want to do a good job and get job satisfaction then you are going to want to get there the right way.

So remember next time you feel anxious about walking into a room with a board of directors/suits or even going to an interview – remember they are all earning a living and trying to survive in this life. Everything is learnt and you can learn it too!

Sarah Richelle X




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